About NWBioTrust

NWBioTrust (NWBT) is a collaborative Fred Hutchinson/University of Washington/Seattle Children’s resource that connects donated biospecimens from consenting individuals with innovative research projects aimed at advancing biomarker discovery and improving prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human disease. NWBT also connects researchers at the three institutions with patients who have agreed to be contacted about opportunities to participate in research.

NWBT provides:

  • An opportunity for patients to participate in research by donating blood and tissue specimens and by expressing an interest in learning about participating in future research studies
  • A catalog of banked biospecimens that are potentially available for research studies
  • A resource for collection and distribution of biospecimens to researchers
  • A registry of patients who have agreed to be contacted about participation in future research studies

If you are a patient at a participating institution and wish to participate by donating samples for research, please contact us or tell your doctor or your health care providers.

Researcher Profiles

NWBioTrust researchers continue to make advances in medical research and are dedicated to:

  • Finding new cancer targets
  • Discovering more about disease genetics
  • Developing better screening tools and more precise drugs

NW BioTrust Studies

Many studies, such as those listed below, have accessed blood or tissue samples through NWBioTrust. Researchers publish studies and regularly develop projects that use biospecimens to make new discoveries. Check here for links about researchers, their labs, and their ongoing studies.

NW BioTrust
NW BioTrust
NW BioTrust
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NW BioTrust

News from NW BioTrust

NWBioTrust occasionally makes it into the news. Check here for updates.