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For the NW Community

Tissue and blood samples from donor patients and healthy volunteers are crucial for developing molecular tests for the early diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, as well as tests to tailor a patient’s treatment. With this understanding, NWBioTrust (NWBT) was established to:

  • Help patients like you contribute to cutting-edge research studies by donating valuable tissue and blood samples that are not needed for diagnosis or care
  • Help researchers access these valuable specimens while maintaining specimen donors’ privacy

Through NWBT, patients at participating institutions can donate leftover tissue from their surgeries and leftover blood after clinical tests have been performed. This leftover tissue and blood would otherwise be discarded as medical waste. In some cases, family and friends may also donate blood samples for research studies. There is no charge to donate samples, and your clinical care is not affected by donating or by declining to donate.

Successful recruitment of a study population of the right size and characteristics can be a significant challenge to researchers.  Due to limitations on funding duration and slow enrollment, inadequate accrual of subjects may result in the premature termination of research projects.

To ease research accrual challenges, NWBT asks patients for permission to be recontacted about participation in future research studies.  Once a patient gives permission to be contacted about future research (or alternatively declines to participate) that decision is stored electronically, and the patient need not do anything else.  NWBT can then match an investigator’s request for contact information with those patients meeting the selection criteria and who have consented to be contacted.  Subjects are not obliged to agree to participate in any studies, and release of their name/contact information to investigators is limited to no more than four times per year.

Partner researchers have created videos explaining specimen use in medical research. Watch them to learn a little more about research concepts.

If you will be seeking care at a participating institution, please understand that you may be approached for permission to use your specimens and medical information about your disease or condition. You are always free to say “no.” If you are a tissue or blood donor, know that NWBioTrust researchers are very grateful for your contributions.

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